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Why docs4work?

Trusted Google Environment
docs4work enables you to take control of G Suite documents within your organization. Through adaptive, user-centric modules, any file type that can be stored in Google Drive can be managed by docs4work. Swiftly edit, update, approve and review all types of documents within your familiar Google Drive environment.
Only pay for what you use
Save money on buying and maintaining the complex hardware and software. docs4work scales with your organizational needs and unlimited storage on Google's world class cloud platform is guaranteed. Forget high initial capital costs and only pay for what you actually use.
Top notch content management
Thanks to easy management of workflow, authorization and policies, we offer you professional document management on a dynamic platform. Access your files through our simple, intuitive and mobile friendly interface that is suited for all employees in your organization.

"Document Management in G Suite made easy"

Use docs4work for Quality manuals, ISO document control, legal contracts,

marketing assets and engineering documents.

Files are easily found, maintained and secured.

Works with Google Drive

Industry insights

Best practices on Google Drive and Document Management

Edit files directly in Microsoft Office
You can store any file in Google Drive. You can edit MS-Office files in the Google MS-Office editor, in the MS-office Android/iOS editor, or you may want to edit MS-Office files
What are the (non) supported file types in Google Drive
You can store ANY file type in Google Drive. Both My Drive, Team Drives and docs4work support any file type.

Files can be as large as 5 TB (TyraBytes). Yes that
Is it safe to upload excel files with passwords to Google Drive?
Yes, you can save any file into Google Drive. The file is not altered in any way. The password protected file remains protected by your personal password.
How does Google Drive Virus scanning work?
Google Drive scans a file for viruses before the file is downloaded or shared. If a virus is detected:

users can't share the file with others
send the infected file
Best Practices for cloud file storage
We advocate transitioning any material intended to be used by persons to move to Google. There are several options at hand in this page we explain the best practices.

Document Management Jargon
We often here that there is a lot of confusion about all the terms that are used in Document Management and in the Google world of storage.
To use the correct and consistent terminology is
What is Google Team Drive?
Google Team Drives are shared, folders where project teams or departments can store their files.  Google Team Drive is located within Google Drive and runs in parallel to your personal ‘My Drive’